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Photowalk #1

Hello photosusiasts, it's time for our first photowalk! Since autumn is unfortunately around and we have a great park just behind campus, why not make the best out of it and enjoy the colours of autumn (on a hopefully sunny day) in the park. We'll meet at at the green area/fountain between D & E Building. Wear some comfortable shoes and dress for the weather, we'll be outside as long as the weather allows it! Since this is the first meeting, please also bring your Mecenat cards (hardcopy or digital - as long as it has the Chapter-Logo), so I can see, that you're actually a chapter member ;) 'cause you need to be! Oh and of course: whatever tool you'd like to use for taking pictures ;)
Start: lördag, oktober 7, 2017 - 14:00
Slut: lördag, oktober 7, 2017 - 17:00
Bild för Christian Holz

Christian Holz


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