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14 november 2017

CarbonCloud is looking for developers

Award-winning startup looking for a creative front-end developer

We are an award-winning startup company with a focus on helping the restaurant and food sector improve their climate footprints, while making their day-to-day operations easier and smoother. We calculate the climate footprint of the food they serve, based on cutting edge research, and visualize the resulting footprints to the restaurants’ guests. We aim to dominate the sector within three years, but to get there we need your help to swiftly develop our products to solve our customer's’ problems in the best possible way.

We’re seeking a creative front-end developer to join our team. You should be interested in the opportunity to join early in a dynamic start-up company, where you get the chance to handle several different development tasks and to influence how to do it. You will get flexible work hours, a lot of responsibility and are guaranteed an exciting journey.

Are you the one we are looking for? Drop us a line at hello@carboncloud.io

Nils Ekenbäck



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